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    Murder By Death, Larry & His Flask



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Date Time Notes Event
06/15/158:00pmAvailable at the doorElectric Six
05/13/158:00pmSamuel Smith Band
05/10/158:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Face Your Maker, Alumni, Awake At Lakeside
05/09/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBaby Gurl Tour Send Off, Gaytheist
05/08/158:00pmAvailable at the doorLorin Madsen Album Release Show
05/07/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSolstafir
05/07/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Soft White Sixties
04/28/158:00pmAvailable at the doorWestern Settings, Problem Daughter, The Hung Ups, Moneypenny
04/27/158:00pmAvailable at the doorJMSN
04/26/158:00pmAvailable at the doorEye of the Nix
04/25/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCrook & The Bluff, We Be Lions, Big Wild Wings
04/24/158:00pmCVPITVLS, La Verkin, Hard Men, Charlatan
04/23/158:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Hammer Fight, Dark Sermon, Wretched, Sworn Enemy
04/21/158:00pmAvailable at the doorS&S Presents: Shy Girls, Young Ejecta
04/18/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBombshell Academy, The Opskamatrists, Baby Ghosts
04/17/158:00pmAvailable at the doormr Gnome, Grand Banks, ALTO
04/04/158:00pmAvailable at the doorVIncent Draper and The Dirty Thirty, Wildcat Strike, Electric Cathedral, Steel Born Buffalo
04/03/158:00pmAvailable at the doorRape Recovery Center Benefit Show with Night Wings, Strong Words
04/02/158:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Scalafrea, Decidal Carniage, Intercorpse
03/31/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCharlie Parr, Betse Ellis(of The Wilders)
03/29/158:00pmAvailable at the doorAMFMS
03/28/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSturgeon General's 21st Birthday Show, Monkey, Some Kind of Nightmare
03/27/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSnake Rattle Rattle Snake, No Nation Orchestra(Album Release Show)
03/26/158:00pmAvailable at the doorYamn, Grand Banks, Lazy Susan, Soft Limbs
03/25/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCouches, Wildcat Strike, Beachmen, H Grimace, 90's Television
03/21/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Cliterinas, Year of The Wolf, Revolt
03/20/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSave The Forrest: Benefit Event for Forrest Shaw
03/19/158:00pmAvailable at the doorHoly Ghost Tent Revival
03/18/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSpectral Voice, Gravecode Nebula, INVDRS, Star Grazer
03/14/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSlamrock Utah 2015
03/13/158:00pmAvailable at the doorEnslaved, YOB, Esctatic Vision, SubRosa
03/12/158:00pmAvailable at the doorHey Marseilles
03/09/158:00pmAvailable at the doorRas Kass, El Gant, The Wurxs, Alive+Well
03/07/158:00pmAvailable at the doorKing Niko, Muzzle Flash
03/06/158:00pmAvailable at the doorIn The Company of Serpents, Top Dead Celebrity, Oxcross, Star Grazer
03/05/158:00pmAvailable at the doorRetox, Whores, Baby Gurl, Exes
02/28/158:00pmAvailable at the doorFauxgauzi, Magda Vega, Red Bennies
02/27/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe K-Bone Kevy-Metal Benefit Weekend Warrior Concert!
02/26/158:00pmAvailable at the doorEnabler, Call of The Void, Ditch and The Delta, Huldra
02/25/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe4onthefloor, Candy's River House, Matthew and the Hope
02/21/158:00pmAvailable at the doorTom Bennett with Blackkiss, Jim Fish, Mountain Country, Henry Wade
02/14/158:00pmAvailable at the doorScumdogs, Thunderfist, Irony Man
02/13/158:00pmAvailable at the doorPamTime Fundraiser
02/11/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBrothers Gow, Blood Funk, Topanga
02/07/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBreaux, Baby Gurl, Cornered By Zombies, Merlin's Beard
02/06/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCVPITVLS, Die Off, Drunk As Hell, La Verkin
02/05/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Nothings, Red Bennies
02/03/158:00pmAvailable at the doorMurder By Death, Hectic Hobo
01/31/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBoomboxx Music's 2015 New Years Jump-Off: Performances by: David Rhythm Dook Kelsall KIS.B Julia Lelis DeCoy and Nelamusic
01/30/159:00pmAvailable at the doorSalt City Sirens Burlesque
01/29/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCold Blue Mountain, Hard Men, Making Fvck, Star Grazer
01/28/158:00pmAvailable at the doorTom Bennett Welcome Home Show with Blackkiss, Jim Fish, Mountain Country
01/27/158:00pmAvailable at the doorTupelo Moan, Cosmic Boss
01/24/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Toasters, Sturgeon General, Bombshell Academy
01/23/158:00pmAvailable at the doorCharles Ellsworth
01/17/158:00pmAvailable at the doorMobile Deathcamp, Blood Purge, Deathblow, Repeat Offender
01/16/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSkull Fist, Elm Street, Night Demon, Visigoth, Darkblood, Xenium
01/11/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSam Slam 4: Samuel Smith's Bday Show
01/10/158:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Gypsy Connection with Juana Ghani, Paul Hitter, Folk Hogan
01/09/158:00pmAvailable at the doorSamba Fogo
01/07/158:00pmAvailable at the doorHumut Tabal, Blood Purge, Curseworship
01/03/158:00pmAvailable at the doorBalance of Power 10th Anniversary, Eyes Of Damnation, Unthinkable Thoughts
12/31/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSL,UT Punk Takeover NYE with Salt Lake Spitfires, Atomic 45, Draize, Method Ulteriors, The Glorious Bastards
12/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJessie Davis, Swantourage
12/23/148:00pmAvailable at the doorPunk Rock Christmas
12/19/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGirl On Fire, Raw Fabrics, Zodiac Empire
12/17/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSalt Lick Nights Local Music Showcase with Candy's River House, Temples
12/13/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Chicken's Album Release Show, Swantourage
12/12/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSeven Second Memory, Backwoods Burning, Par For the Curse, Machine Gun Rerun, In the Arms of Atrocity
12/11/148:00pmAvailable at the doorAdelitas Way
12/06/148:00pmAvailable at the doorPin Me Up By Ashley Marie's 4th Annual Rockin' Christmas Charity Event
12/05/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSix Feet In The Pine, Mantis Jackson, Shadow Puppet, Grass
11/29/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Family Gallows Album Release Show
11/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJR Events Presents: The Maxies
11/22/148:00pmAvailable at the doorTupelo Moan Album Release Show, Folk Hogan,
11/21/148:00pmAvailable at the doorRevolution United and Legacy Initiative's Big H.O.P.E. Kick Off
11/20/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: 36 Crazyfists, Skinlab, Incite, All Hail The Yeti, Exes
11/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHead Injuries, The Hung Ups, Problem Daughter, Moneypenny
11/15/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCliterina's Album Release Party
11/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorUzala, Eagle Twin, Making Fvck
11/13/148:00pmAvailable at the doorChampagne Charlie, Folk Hogan, Hectic Hobo
11/12/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHobbs Angel Of Death, Oduim Totus, Curseworship
11/10/148:00pmAvailable at the doorLord Dying, Castle, Moon of Delirium, Towards Chaos
11/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Quick and Easy Boys, Green River Blues
11/07/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan Tour, Juana Ghani, Triple Moon Tribe, Davina Tribal Belly Dancers
11/02/148:00pmAvailable at the doorMarian Call
11/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorYear Of No Light(Fra), Take Over And Destroy, Temples, Star Grazer
10/31/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHalloween Bash with Magda Vega, Salt Lake Spitfires, Big Face
10/30/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCarmel Carmela
10/26/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Independents, Riva Rebel
10/25/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSalt City Derby Girls After Bout Party
10/22/148:00pmAvailable at DoorMountain Standard Time, Hectic Hobo, Free Press
10/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Sunpilots(Aus), Temples, Redbush, SCROmance
10/16/148:00pmAvailable at DoorI. Conscious, Richy Rych, Yard Squad
10/14/148:00pmAvailable at DoorCaptured By Robots, Worst Friends, Cornered By Zombies
10/11/148:00pmAvailable at the doorLife Has A Way, Then I Fly, The Larimers
10/10/148:00pmAvailable at the doorFortune Club, Turbo Chugg, Worst Friends
10/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThelma and The Sleaze
10/04/148:00pmAvailable at DoorTrifecta 3 with Juana Ghani, Hectic Hobo and Folk Hogan
10/03/148:00pmAvailable at DoorAuthority Zero, Ulteriors, Tainted Halos
10/01/148:00pmAvailable at DoorGypsy Lumberjacks, Matthew & The Hope
09/28/148:00pmAvailable at DoorDedritic Arbor
09/25/148:00pmAvailable at DoorBaby Gurl, Yaktooth, Armed For Apocalypse
09/20/148:00pmAvailable at DoorAFLA Fundraiser with This Legend, Dolls & Gents and More
09/19/148:00pmAvailable at DoorBenefit for Crucial Fest with Oxcross, Worst Friends
09/13/148:00pmAvailable at DoorSalt City Derby Girls After Bout Party
09/11/148:00pmAvailable at DoorEzra Bell, Hectic Hobo
09/06/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBlack Taxi, The Red on Black
09/05/148:00pmAvailable at DoorJoey Davis Fundraiser with The Shame, Oh! Be Clever, Burnell Washburn
08/26/147:00pmAvailable at DoorMC Frontalot, Dr Awkward, Corn Mo, Atheist
08/23/148:00pmAvailable at DoorArt-Kids Fundraiser with The Hardy Brothers and Urban Empire
08/22/148:00pmAvailable at DoorSEM Presents: Homegrown Record Release Party with Self Expression Music, Fleetwood, Jef Doogie, LAM, Cristalz, Kelly Packer, Zombie, Padrino, Savy(The Commision), A.I. Hosted by DJ Pookie and GeorgeLife
08/20/148:00pmAvailable at DoorFerocious Oaks, Vincent Draper, Matthew & The Hope
08/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJasper, Bird Watcher, Grass
08/12/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCaramel Carmela
08/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSOMA Concerts Presents: Reproacher, Plebian Grandstand
08/08/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBeergrass Records Presents: Hi Fi Murder, Tained Halos, Danny Wildcard, Brad Rizer
08/05/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDead Rider, Stage Hare Band, Baby Gurl
08/04/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHeyRocco
08/02/148:00pmAvailable at the doorYo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, The Family Gallows
08/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJared James Nichols, Candy's River House, Green River Blues
07/31/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSOMA Concerts Presents: Old Man Wizard, Visigoth, Moon of Delirium
07/26/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBoomboxx Music Presents: Teki, Kis.B and The Boxx Boys, David Rythmn, Decoy, B Side and Bobby B, DJ Seanny Boy, DJ Che Rocka
07/25/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time
07/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorFictionist, Vincent Draper & The Dirty Thirty, Merchant Royal
07/17/148:00pmAvailable at the doorOld Man Markley, Matthew & The Hope, Six Feet In The Pine
07/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCalmosa, Bombshell Academy, Amahlia, Guts
07/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorUZALA, Dead To a Dying World, Cicadas, Moon of Delirium
07/12/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Soft White Sixties, Wildcat Strike, The Shame
07/11/148:00pmAvailable at the doorFamily Gallows, Shadow Puppet
07/10/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBrutally Frank, Jail City Rockers, The Itch
07/03/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGipsy Moon, Juana Ghani, Six Feet In The Pine
07/02/148:00pmAvailable at the doorUh Huh Her. DJ Kim Ahn
07/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBaseline Bums
06/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBlack Pussy, Mothership, The Family Gallows
06/27/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time with Hectic Hobo, Chivers Timbers, Father Mark, Tom Bennett
06/26/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Quick and Easy Boys, Dead Lake Trio, Jennie Gautney & The Right Vibes
06/23/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSupervillains, Wasnatch, Paper Guns, Abandon The Midwest
06/22/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBathed In Blood & Garden of Gore Presents: Crepitation, Deathead, Decidal Carnage, Splattered
06/21/148:00pmAvailable at the doorShadow Play Summer Solstice Dance Party
06/20/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Blue Moon Bombers, Bombshell Academy, Jail City Rockers
06/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGrandhorse, The North Valley, Dedere, Grass
06/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBlood In The Water Tour with Sammy Warm Hands(of Illusionist), Task1ne, Ogar Burl
06/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHouse of Roots Reggae In The City with Daverse, Afro Omega, Rebel Zion and Sounds of Gaia
06/13/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJuana Ghani Album Release Show, Hectic Hobo
06/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events: Play Fight
06/07/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCrook and The Bluff, Charles Ellsworth
06/06/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCrucial Fest 2014 with Helms Alee, Oxcross, Eagle Twin, Knowloon Walled City, Making Fvck
06/05/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCrucial Fest 2014 with Wolvserpent, Gravecode Nebula, Subrosa, Jetty, Yaktooth, The Moths, Danger Hailstorm
06/04/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSpafford, Fox, Geppetto
06/03/148:00pmAvailable at the doorShotgun Shogun, Riva Rebel
06/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSix Shooter, The Drunken Cuddle, The Outta Controllers
05/31/148:00pmAvailable at the doorNRG Rising, Sarah B Band, Bludgeon Muffin
05/30/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBlueprint, Count Bass D
05/29/148:00pmAvailable at the doorAssuming We Survive, Behind The Fallen
05/24/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCharles Ellsworth, Six Feet In The Pine, Warranty, Strong Words, Us Thieves
05/23/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJef Doogie and Fleetwood CD Release Show
05/20/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Soft White Sixties, Vincent Draper and The Dirty Thirty, The Safes, Breakers
05/17/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHillstomp, Tony Holiday & The Velvetones, Dead Lake Trio
05/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCryptic Wisdom, Whitney Peyton, Icy Blu & Sequence, Atheist, Dine Krew, Gryzzle Beats and More
05/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorFloor, Hot Victory, Thrones
05/13/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDoe Eye, Merchant Royal
05/10/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGenre Zero, Hectic Hobo
05/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSalt City Sirens Burlesque
05/06/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDana Falconberry, Strong Words, Annie Girl and the Flight
05/03/148:00pmAvailable at the doorYears Since The Storm, Silence The Messenger
05/02/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Jingoes, Danger Hailstorm
05/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorLa Absolule Fin Du Monde
04/29/148:00pmAvailable at the doorA Minor Forest(Members of Pinback), La Verkin, Dwellers
04/26/148:00pmAvailable at the doorShadow Play
04/25/148:00pmAvailable at the doorElement 11 Temple FUNraiser with King Niko and SynAesthetic
04/24/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Raven and The Writing Desk, Hectic Hobo, Allison Martin
04/23/148:00pmAvailable at the doorPredatory Light (Members of Ash Borer and Drought), Moon of Delirium, Winterlore
04/22/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Hauge, Birdwatcher, Shadow Puppet
04/19/148:00pmAvailable at the doorTavaputs, Callow, Ike Fonesca
04/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time Pinata Party with Folk Hogan
04/12/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Quick and Easy Boys
04/11/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDecible Trust, Gnawing Suspicion, Paper Rockets
04/08/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBetty Who, Zak Waters
04/07/148:00pmAvailable at the doorNacosta, Red Telephone, Season of the Witch, Theives and Gypsies
04/05/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSpring Fling 50's Prom with Victor Trevino and the Wild Ones
04/04/148:00pmAvailable at the doorLarry & His Flask, Charles Ellsworth, Matthew & The Hope
04/03/148:00pmAvailable at the doorMad Caddies, Mrs Skannotto, Bombshell Academy
03/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorK.Flay, Air Dubai, Itch
03/25/148:00pmAvailable at the doorCoyote Hoods, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children
03/23/148:00pmAvailable at the doorPontiac, Eagle Twin
03/22/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGaytheist, Baby Gurl, Yaktooth, Die Off
03/21/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time with Rubedo, Roots of Acatia
03/20/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDiamond Plate, East of The Wall, Huldra
03/19/148:00pmAvailable at the doorRoots of Arcatia, Ned & The Dirt, Social Club, The Kanes
03/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDown North
03/15/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDolls & Gents Benefit Show for Pearl Mateo
03/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorGravecode Nebula CD Release Show with Demon Lung
03/13/148:00pmAvailable at the doorPretty Things Peep Show
03/08/148:00pmAvailable at the doorElectric Six, Yip Deceiver, Wildcat Strike
03/07/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBreaux CD Release Show
03/06/148:00pmAvailable at the doorTony Holiday & The Ends
03/03/148:00pmAvailable at the doorJustin Martin, Oh Dear, Charles Ellsworth, Vincent Draper
03/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDive Down with Riche Boom and Dave Jones
02/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time
02/27/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDanger Hailstorm, La Fin Absolute Du Monde
02/24/148:00pmAvailable at the doorTony Holiday & The Ends, Candy's River House, Tom Bennett
02/22/148:00pmAvailable at the doorRagnarok with The Troubles
02/21/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBen Weiss' Bday Bash
02/15/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDeafheaven, Subrosa
02/14/148:00pmAvailable at the doorHoly Water Buffalo, The Sour Notes, Arilss Nancy
02/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorMy Body Sings Electric, Grass, Merchant Royal
02/08/148:00pmAvailable at the doorWriters Block Tour with Copywrite, Ras Kass, Def Letter, Melvin Junko
02/07/148:00pmAvailable at the doorBombshell Academy, Sturgeon General, The Sinister
02/04/148:00pmAvailable at the doorKid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds, Carletta Sue Kay, The Super 78
02/01/148:00pmAvailable at the doorLeggy Meggy's Va Va Voom with Burlesque, Pole, Aerial and Belly Dancing, Crook & The Bluff and Judd Hardy
01/31/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Daylates, Atomic Thunderlips
01/28/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Freeway Revival Band, Candy's River House, Tavaputs
01/25/148:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Toasters, Bombshell Academy, Fat Candace
01/24/148:00pmAvailable at the doorAnthony B, Tribe of I, Bludgeon Muffin
01/18/148:00pmAvailable at the doorDJ Frane, Burnell Washburn
01/17/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSmoke Season, Charles Ellsworth, Crook & The Bluff
01/16/148:00pmAvailable at the doorRoots of Arcatia
01/11/148:00pmAvailable at the doorSam Slam 2
01/09/148:00pmAvailable at the doorFree Press, Somebody's Mom, Dead Lake Trio
12/31/138:00pmAvailable at the doorZodiac Empire
12/28/138:00pmAvailable at the doorDive Down with Roy Davis Jr, Riche Boom and Dave Jones
12/27/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents a Rowdy Ole Time
12/21/138:00pmAvailable at the doorNatural Roots, Daverse, Miss Omega, Spencer Johnson
12/20/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMantis Jackson, The Hardy Boys
12/18/138:00pmAvailable at the doorRocky Mountain District, Green, Free Press, Ester
12/13/138:00pmAvailable at the doorAfro Omega
12/07/138:00pmAvailable at the doorPin Me Up By Ashley Marie's 3rd Annual Rockin Rockabilly Charity Event
12/06/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGenre Zero, La Madness
11/30/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCharles Ellsworth CD Release Show
11/29/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMatthew and the Hope
11/23/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presesnts a Rowdy Ole Time: A Night of Folk Music
11/22/138:00pmAvailable at the doorNatural Roots
11/20/138:00pmAvailable at DoorDeer Tracks, Ice Choir, Float The Boat
11/18/138:00pmAvailable at the doorAgrimonia, Subrosa, Toad
11/16/138:00pmAvailable at the doorNull(Album Release), The Landlords, Tiger Fang
11/15/138:00pmAvailable at the doorLeggy Meggy Birthday Bash
11/14/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Acoustic Bash 6
11/12/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCaspian/65daysofstatic, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Darth Banger
11/09/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMiss Omega
11/08/138:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Sirens Burlesque Presents the Seven Deadly Sins Soiree
11/07/138:00pmThe Watches, TBA
11/02/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSka & Reggae Bash with The Sarah B Band, 2 & 1/2 White Guys, Bludgeon Muffin, Sturgeon General and Dubwise Selecta
11/01/138:00pmAvailable at the doorNervous Curtains, The Saintanne, Mortigi Tempo
10/31/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCrook & The Bluff, Pentagraham Crackers, Us Thieves, Black Cum
10/26/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSweet Salt Records Presents: A Rowdy Ole Time with Tom Bennet, Johnny Cowan, Highway Thieves and More
10/25/138:00pmAvailable at the doorPost Paradise, The 2:13's, Wood
10/24/138:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Limousines, MONA, Dresses
10/19/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTwin City, Sugarhouse, David Rhythm, Sione Toki
10/17/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTheta, From The Sun, The Highway Theives
10/16/138:00pmAvailable at the doorEagle Twin, UZALA, Subrosa(CD Release), Mike Sheidt(YOB)
10/15/138:00pmAvailable at the doorChrome Sparks
10/12/138:00pmAvailable at the doorHomewrecker, Tiger Fang, Riffs
10/11/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTurned to Stone CD Release Show with Dead Revelator, Huldra
10/10/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Event's: Acoustic Bash 5
10/08/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBronze Radio Return, Graham Colton, Watches
10/04/138:00pmAvailable at the doorA Careless Skyline, The Eli James Experience
09/29/138:00pmAvailable at the doorUtah Theater United Benefit Show
09/28/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMurrietta, Michael Gross & The Statuettes
09/27/138:00pmAvailable at DoorRock Da Boat Entertainment Presents: B-Side Players, Wasnatch, The Green Leafs
09/26/138:00pmAvailable at the doorEsoteric, Velnias, Saturnalia, Moon of Delirium
09/21/138:00pmAvailable at the doorWeek of Wonders, Mantis Jackson
09/20/138:00pmAvailable at the doorHouse of Roots Presents: Twin City, Tokouso, Masi
09/19/138:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Rich Hands, Chalk, Burnt Reynolds and His Hot Bones
09/18/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJosaleigh Pollet, Lucrezio
09/16/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMoving Units. Some Ember, Conquer Monster
09/14/138:00pmAvailable at DoorPeople Saving Ponies Benefit Burlesque Show with Please Be Human
09/13/138:00pmAvailable at DoorTrifecta with Juana Ghani, Hectic Hobo, Folk Hogan
09/12/138:00pmAvailable at DoorMurder By Death, Larry & His Flask, Charles Ellsworth
09/09/138:00pmAvailable at the doorDead Pilots, CZAR, Wearing Thin, Clark Radford
09/07/138:00pmAvailable at DoorRock Da Boat Entertainment Presents: Natural Vibrations(Natty Vibes), The Steppas, Makisi, Tribe of I
09/06/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events: Matthew & The Hope, Son of Ian, Cody Taylor
09/05/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events' Acoustic Bash 4: Aleki, Dark Divide, Jeddie Iridia, Jordan Shenk, Shane Woodbury
08/31/138:00pmAvailable at DoorHate for State, The High Explosives
08/30/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBenefit for Mick Morris with INVDRS, Clear, Dismantled and Don't Trust Anybody
08/23/139:00pmAvailable at DoorBehind Sapphire, Crook & The Bluff, Adventure Galley
08/23/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events: Stories of Ambition, Unthinkable Thoughts, Blacklist Royals, Collin Creek, Below the Skyline
08/21/138:00pmAvailable at the doorA Midnight Drive, Riva Rebel, Anthems
08/20/138:00pmAvailable at DoorThe Longshots, Hemptationz, Newborn Slaves
08/17/138:00pmAvailable at DoorArsenic Addiction, Cave of Roses, Penalty of Treason, Turned to Stone
08/16/138:00pmAvailable at DoorNatas Lived, Skychange, Chris Aguilar & Friends, KHP
08/14/138:00pmAvailable at DoorDouglas & The Furs, Sugarhood
08/12/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBeneath Oblivion, Yaotl Mictlan
08/10/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBenefit for Deyne Sid Stocker with the Slick Shifters, Jail City Rockers
08/09/139:00pmAvailable at DoorNight Sweats, Desert Empire, Float the Boat
08/08/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Acoustic Bash 3: Formerly People, The Swinging Lights, Andrew Wells, Brad Maney, Robert Houghton, Cody Taylor
08/06/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: Texas Hippie Coalition, Eve To Adam, Truce In Blood, Sugar Bone
08/02/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: When The Fight Started, Hillside, The Signal Sound, Jack Wilkinson
07/31/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBLKHRTS, Burnell Washburn, Krem
07/27/138:00pmAvailable at DoorVincent Draper & The Dirty Thirty's CD Release Show
07/26/138:00pmAvailable at DoorGringoz, Radiata, Outside Infinity
07/25/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents Acoustic Bash 2 with Jacob Elliot, Brett Turner, Melody Pulsipher, Daniel Murtaugh, Brian Bingham, Mike Fralick
07/23/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBad Rabbits, Air Dubai, The Orbit Group, Sahtyre
07/20/137:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents Rockin' BBQ with Heartbreak with Wareye, Advent Horizon, Iridaia, 5 State Killing Spree
07/19/138:00pmAvailable at DoorKatie Ainge, Vinyl Tapestries, Visioneers, Oh Be Clever!, Trevor
07/18/138:00pmAvailable at DoorDan Tedesco, Fauna, Powerhouse
07/17/138:00pmAvailable at DoorAll Alone with Jason Dickerson and Kristoffer Bjorn
07/13/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: Nico Vega, Crash Kings, Joel Pack & The Pops
07/12/138:00pmAvailable at DoorVincent Draper & The Dirty Thirty, Charles Ellsworth, Crook & The Bluff
07/11/137:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: Sleepwalker, Nopium, You're Young, Downfall, Missing Method
07/10/138:00pmAvailable at DoorShadow Puppet, Jessica Hernadez & The Deltas, Motorcycle Death Machine, Raccon Dog
07/09/138:00pmAvailable at DoorMerchant Royal, Yankee Bang Bang
07/08/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: Black Lodge, Natas
07/03/138:00pmAvailable at DoorRaashan Ahmad(Crown City Rockers), Atheist
06/29/139:00pmAvailable at DoorDemon Lung, Odium Totus, Moon Of Delirium
06/28/137:00pmAvailable at Door Crucial Fest 3 with Hurris & Gig, Pat Maine, Athiest, Johnny Utah, Broken Silence
06/27/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBrutally Frank, Moon Shark, Slick Shifters
06/25/138:00pmAvailable at DoorSupervillains, Funk & Gonzo, The Chickens
06/22/138:00pmAvailable at DoorSwinging Lights, Theta Naught, I Hear Sirens
06/21/137:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: American Hitmen, Betty Hates Everything, Epilogues, Johnny K and the Krew, First Class Trash
06/20/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBefore The Eyewall, Across Tundras, Dwellers, Hellbender
06/19/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSnowden, Old Podria
06/18/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJamestown Revival, Crook & The Bluff
06/17/138:00pmAvailable at DoorUTDM Presents: Unmerciful, Adipocere
06/15/138:00pmAvailable at the doorAuthority Zero, Ballyhoo, Versus the World, Racist Kramer
06/14/137:00pmAvailable at DoorBenefit for St Jude Hospital with Run The Sky is Falling, Otter Creek, Return From Broken, Benjamin Dara, Small Town Trap
06/13/138:00pmAvailable at DoorRoots Rawka Presents: Gappy Ranks
06/12/138:00pmAvailable at DoorThe McCoy Tyler Band, Triggers & Slips, Matthew & The Hope
06/11/138:00pmAvailable at DoorGigantic, Vincent Draper & The Dirty Thirty, Visoneer, Teddy Bangs
06/08/138:00pmAvailable at DoorKiss Me Kill Me, The Last Wednesday, Von Andeck
06/07/138:00pmAvailable at DoorJRC Events Presents: Sammus Theory, Adjacent to Nothing, Perish Lane, Autostigmatic
06/06/138:00pmAvailable at DoorAcoustic Bash with Spencer Gee, Matthew Bashaw, James Belliston, Dustin Booker, W James Woods, Ash Houghton, Vincent Bryant
06/01/139:00pmAvailable at DoorElevated
05/31/138:00pmAvailable at DoorNight Sweats, Pentagraham Crackers, Circular
05/29/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Twisted Insane
05/26/138:00pmAvailable at the doorScarub(Living Legends), Mane Rok, Hurris & Gig, GLife
05/25/138:00pmAvailable at the doorDWNTWN, Oh, Be Clever, The Red On Black
05/24/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: A Lily Gray, Mr Richter, Riksha, Makeshift
05/23/138:00pmAvailable at the doorUndeclaired Millionaire
05/18/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBenefit For The Beneficial Humanism Movement
05/17/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSamuel Smith Band, Pat Maine & A Goddamn Bear
05/16/139:00pmAvailable at DoorGirafficJam, Fat Candace
05/11/138:00pmAvailable at DoorBenefit For Tyler Steadman with Small Town Sinners, Charles Ellsworth, Vincent Draper
05/10/138:00pmAvailable at DoorRacist Kramer, Bombshell Academy
05/09/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGlimps Trio, Nono Yesyes, The 2:13s, Intra Venus & The Cosmonauts
05/08/138:00pmAvailable at the doorMiddle Class Rut, Starmy
05/04/138:00pmAvailable at the doorVa Va Voom with Matt Codina & The Glider, Burlesque, Aerial and Cabaret Dancers, Pin Up Contest
05/03/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCharles Ellsworth, Shadow Puppet, Hill Folk Noir, Hectic Hobo
05/02/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGrave Babies, Night Sweats, The Saintanne
04/30/138:00pmAvailable at the doorRock Da Boat Entertainment Presents: Maoli, Makisi and More
04/29/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTennis System, Visioneer
04/27/138:00pmAvailable at the doorElevated with DJ Stackhouse, Sista Matic and Shaleeki
04/26/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSnake Rattle Rattle Snake, The Red on Black
04/25/138:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Balance of Power, Eyes of Damnation, Hooga, Jackass Bone
04/23/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCobalt Cranes, Chalk, Fossil Arms
04/20/138:00pmAvailable at the doorCusses, Night Sweats, The Saintanne
04/19/138:00pmAvailable at the doorFUNraising Rockabilly Revival
04/18/138:00pmAvailable at the doorVoodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone, Elephant Riders, Riva Rebels
04/17/138:00pmAvailable at the doorLike Woe with Jason Dickerson and Circulars
04/16/138:00pmAvailable at the doorUTDM Presents: Bloodgeon
04/13/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBenefit for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
04/12/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSalt City Sirens Burlesque: Sin City
04/11/138:00pmAvailable at the doorThe Tontons, Beachmen, Lady Murasaki
04/10/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBass Line Bums, The High Explosives
04/07/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBrown Shoe, The Shuttles
04/06/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTragic Black CD Release Show with Redemption and Red Dead Romantics
04/05/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGooding, Lucid 8, Outside Infinity, Mad Calibre
04/04/137:00pmAvailable at the doorJRC Events Presents: Mouth of A Lion, Blinded By Truth, Hi Fi Murder, Tainted Halos
04/02/138:00pmAvailable at the doorUTDM Presents Lord Of War, Mouth Of The Serpent
03/30/136:00pmAvailable at the doorPile, St Elias, Fat History Month
03/30/139:00pmAvailable at the doorAnuhea, Justin Young
03/29/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGalaxy Express, Wrong Around
03/28/139:00pmAvailable at the doorAuthor and Punisher, Cicadas, Worst Friends
03/27/139:00pmAvailable at the doorShort Circut Tour with Toki Wright, Kristoff Krane and Carnage
03/26/138:00pmAvailable at the doorLost Coves, Dustbloom, Huldra
03/24/138:00pmAvailable at the doorEons, Oranges, Baby Gurl, Yaktooth
03/23/138:00pmAvailable at the doorOstara Drom with Juana Ghani, MiNX, DJ Lil G
03/22/138:00pmAvailable at the doorGirls! Girls! Girls! A Salt City Derby Girls Event with The Year of the Wolf and Cliterinas
03/21/138:00pmAvailable at the doorThe 4OnTheFloor, Lullwater, Crook & The Wolf
03/20/138:00pmAvailable at the doorRubedo, Beachmen, Ash Reiter, Couches, 90's Television
03/19/138:00pmAvailable at the doorDon't Stop Please, Albino Father
03/17/138:00pmAvailable at the doorNightfreq Presents: St Patty's Party with Penguin Prison DJ set
03/16/139:00pmAvailable at the doorYa Boy Mo, Angeline, MZ Kina, Nessa Lausen, Sam Ripley
03/15/138:00pmAvailable at the doorSpork, Blacklist Cooperative, The Wild Ones
03/14/138:00pmAvailable at the doorBastard John, The Saintanne, Pour Horse
03/13/139:00pmAvailable at the doorStick Figure
03/10/138:00pmAvailable at the doorTorn ACLs, Lady Murasaki, Beachmen