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Last term, with the. He's had to think about what’s best for England and for me as a player, Rashford said. I’m happy to be with the seniors and to continue my development. It’s important to be on the same page.

The injury had been done by me, I played on and it turned out there was a break. I had a handful of injections but it got worse and that’s when I 'd the layoff. You always want to push yourself because you don’t want to let the fans or players down. Obviously he didn’t know the full extent at that time. You just keep playing until physically you can’t and that was the story together with the break. It’s something you look forward to, being selected for your country. You've the under going into a tournament, and the under in South Korea doing well. Whatever age group you’re called upon it’s important you've a mindset where you’re going to achieve great things. To me it’s not being fast-tracked. There’s been a large amount of games; England and United have dealt with it in a positive way. The has returned to Leicester City for treatment , and it felt a twinge, with his departure. Harry Kane will start at Hampden Park and Jermain Defoe joins Rashford on the bench. The Football Association suspects because José Mourinho and his staff don't trust the governing body, Manchester United have withheld key information about their England internationals. There was no dialogue between Boothroyd and Mourinho, who'd grown resigned to being at the finals without the. I want all of the best players but my job is a development role, said the coach. In the end it never came down to José. It was about me talking to Gareth and listening to what he needed to say because he’s the boss. If he had gone past the under then I'm able ot put my tuppence worth in which I did but in the end, for the best of everybody and thinks Marcus would be better suited to the senior team, Marcus went with the senior team. Since March he's been scoring goals. He's become Manchester United’s No1 goalscorer, their key player in the magnificent season they’ve had. If he’d had a little dip it'd have suited the under more but the fact which he has just kept on going means he comes into the senior team. I think once you’ve moved you’ve moved. Southgate was referring to the sports science data the FA requests for international get-togethers so he is able to examine detailed analysis about the players he's called up. Every top-division club agreed to supply this data for Euro but that's not continued at Old Trafford since Mourinho took over.

Rashford was utilised in a central role at United after Zlatan Ibrahimovic had no qualms about stepping into the void and suffered a serious knee ligament injury in April. I knew how I'd react, he said. It's about what other people learnt about me more. Going into that situation some people had different opinions of what would happen, but none of that matters. We got. It's another step that you simply take. Taking on the responsibility of being in that role is something which you take in pride.
Since the FA has employed a number of staff, building that trust hasn't been easy. Other roles have been given to Manchester City personnel along with the suspicion of the FA is that others, and United, are concerned in regards to the chance of information reaching rival teams. A further were injured. Rashford, who was raised in Wythenshawe, and Lingard attended Sunday’s benefit concert at the Old Trafford cricket ground. This is something we wanted to do and it was our spare time, Rashford said. We thought it was important. If you're able to make a difference, it’s important you do so. Seeing the victims and going there, having a laugh with them and helping them smile, creates a good feeling. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to visit the hospitals. We're doing all we can to support the victims of the attack as well as the families. Going to the hospital and things such as the concert shows people and the families round the city we're together and we've got to fight it.

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